Delivery Tracking

1.    EMS tracking website or

2.    Air parcel, Sal parcel or airmail for small pacakge

so to say, the tracking number is CP********CN ,RR*********CN or RA*********CN

please click here

Once your packages have been sent, you will receive a unique tracking number for each parcel. With the tracking number, you can track your parcel through the carriers' and recipients' website. You can check the parcel status through clicking the carriers and recipients' country.

Here are the carriers: China Post(SAL Airmail) China EMS

Here are the recipients:

A: America Arab Arabia Armenia Afghan Austria Argentina Azerbaijan Albania

B: Brazil Belarus Bosnia Bulgaria Bolivia Belgium

C: Croatia Chile Canada Cyprus CostaRica Cambodia 

D: Denmark

E: Ecuador Estonia Ethiopia

F: Finland

G: Greece Germany Greenland

H: Hungary Hong Kong

I: Indonesia India Ireland Israel Italy Iceland Iran

J: Japan

K: Korea Kazakhstan

L: Lithuania Luxembourg Lebanon Latvia Liechtenstein

M: Moldova Malta Mexico

N: Norway NewZealand Nigeria

P: Portugal Poland Peru PuertoRico Pakistan

Q: Qatar

R: Russian Romania

S: Switzerland Spain Sweden Singapore Slovakia Slovenia

T:Turkey Thailand Taiwan Tanzania Tunisia

U: Kingdom Uruguay Ukraine

V: Vanuatu

Note:You can click your country name when the parcel has arrived in your country , and then check the parcel status.

What should I do if I can't track my parcel?

If you come across this problem, please verify the following:

●   Did you enter the right tracking number?

●   Did you choose the right tracking website?

If you answered yes, then contact our customer service to check for you.

Why i can't find information about my parcel?

1. Most of the time, it's because the information has not been updated by the shipping company.

China Post (EMS, Airmail, SAL)

a)     Sometimes tracking information will not be updated in time. They need at least 3 days for tracking to be posted. Please be patient.

b)    If the parcel was sent during public holidays, the information may be available after the holiday.

Why my parcel status did not change?

When your package leaves , it will be put in queue to be delivered to your country. During this transit, the status will not change, so it is common to see your package stuck in the status "Dispatch ..." This transit is the longest process, and usually takes 7-10 days (or up to 30 days during busy seasons)

When is the busy season?

Busy season is November to February every year. This is because of Christmas and Spring Festival.

What should I do if I did not get the parcel after a long time?

If you still do not get your parcel 30 days after the shipping date, please contact us for help tracking your parcel. engtaobao will request Post Office to provide us with the tracking list of the parcel. Please email us the following information:

* Tracking number.

* The complete information as listed below:





Post Code:


The above information should be identical to the one on the waybill.

It might take a long time to get the detailed tracking list. Generally speaking, initial checking will take one week. Sometimes the tracking might fail, and the China Post Office will have to send the request again.

If there is no confirmation from Post Office before deadline, we will treat the parcel as lost and you will get compensation according to our Insurance Policy.

Confirmation deadline after shipping date*

(Please note that the shipping date and final delivery date are subject to the exact date on the tracking website.)

Shipping Methods



SAL parcel


60 days

75 days

90 days

If my parcel lost, can I get compensation?

For the insured parcel, engtaobao will give you full compensation if the parcel lost during the delivery; for the uninsured parcel, engtaobao can only shoulder the international shipping fee for you. So we strongly recommend you to choose insurance for your parcel.